While maintaining the highest level of safety and striving for excellence in Site Quality, we also pride ourselves on being leaders in Customer Service and meeting or exceeding Project Timelines.


Blackwater Communications, Inc. has been providing superior telecommunications construction for our customers for more than 10 years. Our leadership consists of many experts all with over 15 years’ experience in all facets of telecommunications construction. While we focus on Project Milestones, we also pride ourselves on being leaders in Site Quality and Customer Service. Offering a wide range of services is made possible by employing various crews with a wide range of experience.

Blackwater Communications, Inc. has a strong customer focus. We aim to develop relationships where the level of trust between our clients and us is unbreakable and only strengthened as we continue to prove ourselves to meet the highest level of expectations on every job, from the smallest end to end two way installation to the 18 site capacity DAS installation at AT&T Stadium.

Below is a list of the services we offer.

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